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Tourism, persons with disabilities and their travel companions the emerging market.

A nationwide survey on the spending trends and market scope of U.S. adult travelers with disabilities. The data shows that the disability travel market has a greater impact than ever on the industry and the broader economy. In two years alone, more than 26 million adults with disabilities traveled for pleasure and/or business, taking 73 million trips most within the U.S. reason being the inability of many destinations like Mexico to accommodate and properly service this increasingly important segment of the travel market. There are a number of factors still holding back progress, inadequate infrastructure many barriers to access still remain in air travel, hotels and restaurants, although these have decreased significantly The Goodwheel Foundation’s main focus is eliminating those barriers and promoting Mexico as a truly inclusive travel destination that welcomes all visitors equally. Because it’s the right thing to do and because it’s good business.

The 2015 ODO study quantifies how much adults with disabilities spend on just their own travel—$17.3 billion annually, up from $13.6 billion in 2002. Since these individuals typically travel with one or more other adults, the economic impact is actually double, or $34.6 billion.